Userback is a feedback tool that you can ask us to install on your site while it's in development or live.

It will allow you to take screenshots of any part of your website and add comments to those screenshots and send that information to us.

Once we have set up the Userback feedback widget on your site, we will provide you with a custom website address for your website that you can visit whenever you wish to provide us with feedback. All you need to to is click the blue "Feedback" button you'll see on the right edge of your web browser.

The process is simple:

  1. Screenshot, or video record, the part of your website you want to comment on
  2. Add numbered comments to the screenshot
  3. Submit your feedback!

Benefits of using Userback on your site:

  • You're able to screenshot and add comments all while staying on your website
  • Taking a screenshot and detailing the changes you would like is much quicker than writing a lengthy email
  • Because you're taking a screenshot and adding comments, you can pinpoint exactly where you want a change to be made

Try it out for free! If you're interested in trying out Userback, contact us and we will set it up for your website for free!

If your website is already live, don't worry! We will create a new link for each of your pages that the average visitor to your website won't have so that only you will see the feedback button.

Check out how to use Userback here.