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Problem Sending/Receiving Emails

If your email has been working fine up until recently and you haven't made any changes to your email client or network settings, you may be experiencing general internet connectivity issues. Check to see if you can access websites using a web browser.

If you are able to visit websites, check whether you're only experiencing problems sending emails, receiving emails, or both.

If only outgoing email is affected

  • Use password authentication, not any other kind.
  • Usually the outgoing server port should be 587, but try using port 465 instead.

If you use an SMTP (outgoing) server other than your incoming server (POP or IMAP) the problem is most likely with the SMTP server of your Internet Service Provider, e.g. Bigpond. They could be experiencing a temporary outage with their mail servers. Just wait a while, say 20 minutes, before contacting their Helpdesk.

If incoming email only or both incoming & outgoing are effected:

  • Turn off your broadband modem for a few minutes
  • Turn your broadband modem back on
  • Reboot your computer, tablet and/or phone